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A comment by Banjo on The daily What A Tool

I wish this sentimental idea of an ancient friendship between the U.S. and France could be put to rest. After the Revolutionary War, the French joined the British in trying to smother the infant republic in its crib. It was nothing personal, just business. The two countries had a host of national interests in keeping the third weak. The weak-minded but idealistic Woodrow Wilson got the U.S. ensnared in Europe affairs despite Washington's warning, thanks to the williness of whoever led England and France at the time (memory does not serve). When Europe was unable to come to terms with its power-crazed bloodlust in the long ceasefire, FDR just did manage to reinvolve us, thanks to Hitler's blunder in declaring war even though he didn't have to. That said, Roosevelt knew if the U.S. remained on the sidelines, the Axis powers would have turned on it when Europe was finished. Friendship between countries did not have anything to do with any of this.

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