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A comment by HeckBoy on Everyday Hero stands up to Al Gore the Scaremonger

I agree, IG. I expect if Algore is ever forced to face off with someone who knows climatology - and not some junk scientist who's swallowed the global warming bath water in exchange for funding - he won't be able to defend the stuff he's spouting. I'd be surprised if he understands even a small percentage of what he espouses. He's most likely regurgitating what he's been told.

I'm hoping someone steps up for this presidential election who knows what he or she is talking about, and not just the usual political mush. I get so sick of the Dem's running around claiming to know what the American people want. I would never approve of my child being taught that rubbish Algore pushes. We home school because my son, who is Ukrainian (adopted 5 years ago), has to have one-on-one teaching to get caught up. That's our main reason, but I'm sure glad he doesn't have to wade through the liberal goop to try and do what he and the rest of the children are there for; learning reading, writing, math, and real science for crying out loud!

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