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A comment by SisterToldjah on Everyday Hero stands up to Al Gore the Scaremonger

cobaltberet wrote:

My favorite Algore moment was during the 2000 presidential debates. GW was answering a question and Algore 'invaded' his personal space, puffing himself up and trying to look like some playground bully. GW just laughed him off and kept going.

It was the dumbest thing Algore had ever done in public - up until he declared himself the champion of global warming. The sad thing is all the people who run around behind him, giving him money and hanging onto his every word.

I think the dumbest thing Gore's ever done in public was when he toured Monticello back in 1993, when he saw the busts of George Washington and Ben Franklin, but didn't know it and had to ask who they were. That wasn't widely reported in the media, of course, but you know for sure that had GWB done something like that, we'd have heard about it for weeks.

The lefties who hang onto Gore's every word are just another example of the left's willingness to suspend reality long enough for them to feel like they're doing something good for the "global community." As we all know, the left is more about feelings than facts - they never let a little thing like the truth get in the way of their emotion-based "arguments."

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