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A comment by tinga-tinga on Sometimes, I wish this was a collective blog

The lesson to heed is that of the Soviet pseudo-scientist of the pseudo-science "agro-biology", Lysenko. Lysenko clawed his way up the Soviet structure to reign over Soviet agriculture for decades. Once on top, Lysenko used the communist party apparatus to destroy REAL scientists who challenged his crack-pot theories. The implementation of Lysenko's recommendations to improve Soviet agricultural production, destroyed it instead. Scientists who watched collegues be sent off to prison, some to die there, stayed quiet. It is not a just a little creepy that Al Gore's father had close ties to Armand Hammer (Arm & Hammer) who had tight contracts with the Soviets for US-Soviet trade. It's not just a little creepy that the head of the Weather Channel, a person of no meterological training guides the network to global warming propaganda and has commented that any scientists who disagree with the "consensus" that global warming needs to be stopped, should have their credentials yanked. Lysenko. There are films and books available about Lysenko and the Soviet agricultural debacle, but who makes those prime resources for students? Inconvenient truths.

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