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A comment by Papa Ray on Don't mention the unmentionable

Thanks for pointing out that interesting exchange. Let me point out that I have not a clue as how the EU works. But, somebody needs to lead, right? Or is it only ones appointed to certain positions in the EU that can lead? Then if you do have a leader, what kind of power does he have? Can he order Germany to supply a few thousand men, helicopters, jets, etc. and then ask the Dutch or who ever to do the same?

I guess I just want to know what use the EU would be. What is it's relationship to NATO? For example. Can NATO make them do anything (forget the question, the won't send NATO what they asked for the Afghan battle.)

Or is the EU just for trade, tourism and such. Such as screwing America at every chance it gets?

Along the line you brought up. I had a good friend of my Dad tell me that if he had known how Europe would turn out, he might have not tried so hard to join the Army to fight Hitler.

He did say he would have joined the Marines to fight the Japs instead.

Papa Ray

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