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While we are discussing email, what is the best way to send you pics for gunporn posts? Always happy to share, and got that new boomstick to show off!

Email should work - and now that I'm aware of the situation, I will be even more vigilant. At least until the spammers up the ante again, forcing me to raise the shields higher again.

I know that one of the missing features around here is to give you the ability to upload and add pictures within your comments. This is in the talks between me (the blogger), myself (the admin & designer) and I (the bloke who must be convinced to put the shekels down on drive space.)

I'm running quite close to my server's hard-drive quota at the moment, and while the service is globally fine, my current hosting provider is a bit on the expensive side when it comes to adding extras such as a few gigabytes of disk space. I don't want to switch providers just yet, so I'm currently looking into other options -- will probably get a low cost/high capacity hosting solution and hotlink the heavy stuff from here to there.

Then you shall have the means to show-off your new boomstick on these very pages (in the meantime, I'd sure like to have look. Email will do just fine, thanks)


In fact, I hope the your spam filter ate it, as it sounds like a crazy woman who has survived the last couple of days solely on a 12-pack of Jolt Cola (that's not far off the mark, actually)

You know, even in my wildest dreams, I never hoped I would someday be at the receiving end of a crazy woman's attention. That blogging thing is so rewarding.

Now I so hope my spam filters didn't eat this one...


Seems to me wearing shoes that are too big for ya would just make you look like a clown.

Right on. But then, maybe that's the idea. You know, as the dating advice goes: "make them laugh".

Found that in another spam mail actually, one that begins with "if a dame shows you her teeth, she will be willing to show you something else."
I hope the dames in the audience will want to weight on this one, as this might explain the clown thing.

On a more serious note Suzie:

I checked the date for when I sent you an email and see that it was July 28th. Not sure if I should re-send or not?

July? Ouch. If you're certain I have not answered that, then please do resend.

Grimmy: A million dollars in exchange for just 10,000? Man, count me in!

Imagine all the Mr. Winkie Enlargement Patches one can buy with that...

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