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A comment by HeckBoy on Iran is your friend, Bush is a Manichean God-worshipping wacko

One big problem with this numbskull's (Greenwald's) premise is when he states that these nations are "internally repressive". This whole discussion reminded me of something a friend was telling me at church Sunday. It was about how Thomas Jefferson fought Islam - namely pirates raiding ships in the Mediterranean -when he was president.

Was it internal repression that we were watching on 9/11? Since when did American - or British, Spanish, etc. - soil become an internal part of one of these repressive nations? Maybe it was when we suffered a government official being sworn in on Jefferson's copy of the Koran instead of the Bible, or when our former imposter-in-chief refused a chance to have Bin Laden handed to him.

I've grown weary of leaders, and their advisors, who worry so much about making the Muslims mad that they weaken our nation.

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