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We are not alone in our skepticism. I sent you an email with links to other like minded critics of the warmies. The BBC, CBC and the President of the Czech Republic are with us. My favorite is Joe LaGuardi, the guy from Boston. (When you watch his video, avoid drinking liquids or risk their projectile nasal ejection.)

UK Ch4 Program About Global Warming British Skeptics

The Guy from Boston - Global Warming ("Mature" Language but hilarious)

Economist Bjorn Lomborg: Global warming is not a priority Nice to do, but at what cost?

My problem with the whole idea is that they refuse to engage in serious technical debate ignoring the following:

1. For the last 1,600,000,000 years, ice ages (glacials) have occerred about every 100,000 years. Acentury ago, a Serbian civil engineer theorized that glacials are astrophysical - caused by changes in the Earth's orbit. See "Milankovich Cycles."

2. The preeminent climatologist in the United States is Dr. Reid Bryson of the U of Wisconcin. He says that water vapor is the most important green house gas. When asked to assess the impact of CO2, he says that H2O causes 80% of greenhouse effect takes place in the first 30 feet above the surface. CO2 causes about 0.08%, so water vapor is 1000 times as important. "If you go out and spit in your front yard, you have had more effect than doubling CO2. See the "Faithful Heretic."

3. According to NASA, 168 Billion metric tons of CO2 is added to the world's atmosphere annually. 100 B come from the oceans, releasing CO2 as they warm. (A result of warming, not a cause.) 30 B come from animal respiration - breathing. 30 B come from decaying plant and animal matter. Man only adds 8 B including 6 B from burning fossil fuels. So, if we were to cease all use of use of petroleum, natural gas and coal, push the world's standard of living back to the 8th Century, the total CO2 would decrease from 168 B to 162 B metric tons.

4. Great experiment melting ice. Archimedes would be proud of you. If the ice caps and ice bergs melt, what would happen to sea level? Nothing.


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