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A comment by Arch on Potshots at the gun shop


I like the Marlin 336. I had one in Oklahoma in 1965 and it was a great brush gun. Personally, I prefer it to the Winchester model 94 because it has right side, rather than top ejection. The 336 will take a wide FOV scope if you want. (I prefer iron sights.) I found the Model 94 upward ejection distracting when I was trying to keep a sight picture. 30/30 is a good cartridge if you hunt on wooded land and take shots under 200 yards. You can hit a twig and not deflect the projectile as badly as with lighter higher speed rounds such as a 243. Even though it is slow, use 180 g bullets and buy youself a good leather sling. Before you buy, look at the Model 94. Lots of my friends swear by it.


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