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A comment by coalyard on Run Bambi, run!

Great picture, and a succient post about the ethics most sportsmen and hunters follow. In America, those of us who purchase hunting and fishing licenses are responsible for the majority of funds that go to wildlife conservation. The antis do nothing but bitch and get in the way, with no knowledge or actions that actually help with conservation. They have no college degrees in wildlife management, and their demands would actually harm the very animals and habitat they are trying to help.

I, like you, have passed on many legal and safe kills while in the woods for many reasons; I rarely take does, the buck wasn't big enough, or a spike, or I have already filled my tag in archery season and I am looking for a trophy deer, whose meat I will donate to a local charity to feed the homeless. I volunteer for wildlife conservation projects. I ask, what have any of these anti hunting idiots done or contributed to *real* wildlife preservation and conservation? Nothing.

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