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A comment by Matt on Quote "The Jewish community is becoming a ghetto"

As a frequent participant in the Paris Air Show, I found the best route from my hotel near La Madeleine was Metro to Saint-Denis. When emerging from the subway, you might think you were in Cairo. The muslim riots also engulfed this area.

I can point you towards many other urban areas of the E.U. that seem more like the Middle East than Europe. It is saddening to see my homeland going down like that.

What will happen in Europe?
The natives will leave/give up/convert/bitch and moan but do nothing.

Will the Islamists assimilate? Not a chance.

Will Europeans accept Sharia? Quite probably.

Will the Europeans rise up and expel this quiet invasion?
Unlikely. Every generation the Muslim population of Europe will more than double (natural increase almost ensures a doubling, but then you also get that mass immigration on top) whilst the native population will halve (or worse) each generation (1 child per couple plus the effects of emigration). Islamic participation in politics also seems to be increasing, so most politicians will bend over backwards to get a piece of that expanding demographic (see recent election results in the Netherlands and Belgium for excellent examples of this increased Muslim electoral activity in action). If anything were to happen politically (in an electoral sense), I'd guess it's pretty much now or never. As for any physical (and non legal) attempts to resolve the situation in our favour.....I just don't see it.

Just my opinions.

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