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A comment by Valerie, Texas on Good morning, Joe

At first pass I just shrugged.  What a non story.  This guy and his pal have so little to trouble them that being denied the "vanity plate" of one's choice is cause for such angst?   Lucky them. 

Not understanding exactly the terms of this card.  Is it a gift?  Something one purchases?  Regardless the personalization is a perk offered by the comapny.  One would assume a company offering perks does have the freedom and right to set the policy for them.  Wondered if it is Starbuck's policy to print only English?  If, so, bravo. 

Would rather Mr. Boaz, and others at the WSJ, get their knickers in a twist over such companies as The Stanley Tool Co. who shut down their factory, thus destroying over night the economy of an area, and moving it to China.  Not because it was too expensive to make a profit here in America--they were posting the best gains they had in their history of a 100 yrs. of great success--but because they just wanted even more.  Screw the American workers that got them to that point. Then, the CEO decides he's going to quit paying federal taxes that built the roads his delivery trucks move on and provide other infrastructure that allowed his company to flourish so he tries to set up a shady deal of registering his company's address in the Carribbean.  Congress started looking into such things, and he backed off, for now.

Ah, as shitty as all this is, Stanley Tool is a private company and can do what it wants...they can set their own policies.

These two guys get all twittery over a  freakin' personalized card? 

Give me a break.

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