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A comment by tinga-tinga on Good morning, Joe

Ha ha ha! I thought it really WAS their logo - did a double take. Good job! Don't know about the Starbucks invasion of Europe, but its flanks in the US of A are collapsing. It took a while, but people are getting tired of expensive burnt coffee. Duncan Donuts is chugging down market share like crazy. DUNCAN DONUTS!! Ha ha! What a come down for Starbucks and their throat clogging biscotti. Better coffee and CHEAPER and no one as yet has given up on donuts. All the Southern Ladies working checkout at Duncan Donuts call the customers, "Sweetie" and "Sugar" and "Baby." Fun to watch 320 lb construction guys get all weak-kneed and silly. Don't get that at Starbucks and even though they''ve cut their prices to try to compete with the king of the donuts hang-out, where all the early birds go - the road crews, linemen, construction, cops, SWAT, US Customs - Starbucks STILL serves BURNT java. Ack!

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