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A comment by DaToad on Plat du Jour

The first thing I thought of when reading about eating polar bear meat was the book/movie, The Red Tent.

"One of the grandest adventure/survival films is one you've probably never heard of - “The Red Tent” - an oddball fusion of Italians and Soviet filmmakers with an all-star international cast and crew. It tells the true story of a failed Italian expedition to the North Pole via airship in 1928. The great Soviet filmmaker Mikhail Kalatozov directs his first and last English language film with complete authenticity. Other than the completely realistic arctic disaster story the film is a powerful story of ambition, greed, international politics, heroism and cowardice." - Alan Bacchus

They kill and eat a polar bear to survive. I don't remember if they cooked it or not.

While I don't think Bridget Bardot would like anyone killing and eating polar bears, as long as she continues her islam bashing ways, she's OK in my book.

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