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KL: I heard briefly about the Lionheart blog and its owner around January, when he allegedly received a letter from "the police". I must confess I found there were some inconsistencies in his story, and after reading through a fair bit of his blog, found that some of his posts had sometimes a bit of a, I don't know, "weird" tone (But then, looks who's speaking) - notably the parts on his "former identity".

In any case, that's definitely not a cause for arrest in a supposedly free country like Britain -- if he has indeed been arrested, that's frankly beyond belief.

Then again, in contemporary Britain, a pack of "Asians" (lead by one multi-recidivist "wannabe militant" carrying a screensaver of the collapse of the WTC on his mobile phone), can assault a "gora" (white) schoolboy with red hair, yelling "that's what you call Paki-bashing" while smashing his skull with a claw hammer - and not raise much of a fuss from the Police and the School's administration (well, at least they're being prosecuted...) > Mother slams multiculturalism as cause of Asian bullying of her son

So what's a blogger's freedom of speech in all that?

Update: and then, there's this. I never thought I would write that, but I rather fear Britain fares worse than even France in the struggle against the Islamic fifth column - for the moment at least...

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