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A comment by RepublicWarrior on The problem with Brigitte Bardot

Dear fellow countryman! (Nous sommes bien entendu compatriotes! Je me demandais comment un étranger pouvait avoir une telle connaissance de la France, de ses partis et de ses gens, lorsque j'ai vu votre pseudo et la présentation...)

I concur with most of the things you said, being a moderate right-wing Liberal opposing both Islamofascism and Fascism from some far-right parties, I would never vote for someone like Mr Le Pen, given I loathed some of his most controversial sentences about the Holocaust, and also because I do not agree with his economic leanings, indeed most of these sound rather Keynesian than Liberal... Actually, I just wanted to make out the suggestions you could have for French, for I wonder what you suggest that French should do, as you know, a significant contingent of our fellow countrymen are ready to vote for Mr Le Pen at the next election, or rather for his daughter I should say, since he seems too old to carry on himself. So, what do you think French should do? Sarkozy is closer to my economic views, but he does not seem as though he were the ideal man to take measures against the growing threat that the development of Islamism within our borders poses to our country and Europe on the whole. Anyway, thanks to show to the rest of the world that there is more to France than a bunch of coward lefties objecting everything made by the US.

Yours sincerely,

RepublicWarrior, a proud European

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