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A comment by 2hotel9 on Of lines in the sand

Froggy!?! I have said before, and I reiterate now, you run with a very intelligent crowd. I have said for years that race, let me put that in caps, RACE is not the issue. Damnit!

I am not gentle, or diplomatic, or particularly concerned with people's "feelings". As Jules said,"If my answers frighten you, stop asking me questions." Race, in the context of Islamic Terrorism, is irrellevent, and a tactic of distraction. It is far more relevant that Marxist/socialists have been using Islam as a vector through which to advance their agenda since the 1940s.

And many will(and do) vehemently disagree, yet I will not back down from the correct assertion that the Qur'an is the best weapon we can employ in the destruction of Islamic Terrorism. It gives all humans the full justification to hunt down and kill ANY MUSLIM who commits an act of terrorism, as currently defined.

Death to the enemies of ALL human kind.

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