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A comment by Iwo Gina on Hurray 4 Eire

This is priceless.

When it looked like the vote would be "Yes":

"UPDATE: French prime minister Francois Fillon is saying that an Irish rejection of the treaty would mean the end. "If the Irish people decide to reject the treaty of Lisbon, naturally, there will be no treaty of Lisbon," he is reported as saying in an interview on French television."

Later on, when it was apparent the vote would be "No":

"UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that France's secretary of state for European affairs, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, is saying that an Irish "no" should not stop other member states ratifying the treaty. "The most important thing is that ratification should continue in other countries and I have good reasons to think that the process of ratification will continue," he told LCI television. "We would have to see with the Irish at the end of the ratification process how we could make it work and what legal arrangement we could come to.""

Thanks for that link, Frogman - inspiring reading. God belss the Irish.

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