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A comment by unknown jane on Mother's Pride

Thank you.; both you, DF, and you BlueStarMom. That comment of Mr. Kerry's burned at the time he said it (at which time my husband had just been called up off reserve), and it rankles now, with one girl preparing for deployment (and who's comments concerning why she fights are particularly telling, at least imho) and another going through the enlistment papers so she goes right after she graduates next year.

My kids scored in the 90th and 95th percentile of graduating seniors, carried almost straight A averages (in college credit and advanced classes), and carry steady, part-time jobs to boot (as well as taking care of the family horse and dog breeding/training side business). They could have just gone to college! Take that and smoke it Kerry, you rat bastard! (am I allowed to say this? a bit strong, but I thought it when he first made that comment, and I think it now everytime it gets mentioned -- that such a person should gain so from the toil, sacrifice, blood, and sweat of the ones he casts so much scorn upon).

I was lucky to have gotten some kids with some salt, who wanted to do just a bit more than be the average college student (many of whom seem to be of the Kerry and Co. persuasion, or are when they get exposed to the hallowed halls of academia -- I know, I used to teach at college).

And from what I've seen of a lot of young kids in the military (and they are kids, but finer men and women than many of their elders), my two are far from unique. And the morale, the esprit de corps, by and large, is very high....must kill the leftist ideologues who work to discredit or worse yet try to bring them into the "victimhood" fold.

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