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A comment by Valerie, Texas on Mother's Pride

"And from what I've seen of a lot of young kids in the military (and they are kids, but finer men and women than many of their elders),.."

"Amen!" to that Jane!!

Jane, Blue Star Mom -- Dear ladies Kerry and Obama don't, and won't, ever get it. But the ordinary folks whom they disdain sure do.

Yesterday morning, July 11 we were at DFW airport at 7 am so as to greet that day's plane load of fine young men and women coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Each and every plane is met by grateful people anxious to let them know that they and their service is honored and appreciated. I see all types and stripes of folks there. And it is always especially humbling to see the elderly men and women, vets of Korea and Vietnam, standing proud at the front of the line waiting to greet the returning troops.

No, those like Kerry & Obama who look at America and see something bad will never understnad the service and sacrifice of your children ladies. But so many people do. You have our heartfelt thanks for the service of your precious children and they will go in to our family prayers.

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