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A comment by unknown jane on Bad BHO of the Day

Ah, just got through reading the Messiah's address to the throngs of Berliners -- very interesting, especially in light of their ongoing love affair with the man (which is downright hilarious if he's doing what I think he's doing). Noticed it isn't going as...lovingly.... in some other European capitols, all this attention given to the Germans (I have some ideas on that too, but we'll wait and see).

No visits to American military hospital though. To be seen with the American Tommy Atkins' would just not do for one of his elitist, socialist ilk, nor would it win him props from his far left base (who have been getting testy with him as of late). Just got call from daughter, no he isn't winning points but you would be shocked to know that some in the military do back this joker (the rot is everywhere).

This Obamaramadingdong World Tour could very well backfire on him big time though; Americans don't really like their pols getting cozy with foreigners, especially continental Europeans, especially not at this point in time; plus they're wondering what the hell this was all about anyway, save Barry's arrogance -- he isn't even the DNC nominee yet, and Hill didn't release her super delegates last time I checked (where HAVE Bill and Hill gotten themselves to anyway? in fact some of the Dems major leaguers are astongishingly absent as of late). ??? Although I'll admit to having a fondness for a good conspiracy/intrigue story, so perhaps my imagination races too much.

My (German) husband wants to know if the public will be made aware of ALL of the symbolic interpretations of the Siegessaule -- it's quite a popular thing with a certain segment of Berlin society; dear hubbie says it would make for some great comedy for neocons with photoshop skills.

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