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A comment by Ric Locke on Bad BHO of the Day

unknown jane will no doubt be glad to know that the question of the location of Obama's speech has been thoroughly canvassed. Conclusion: it's unfortunate that George Bush's interference made the Brandenburger Tor unavailable, and of course it's an outrage that the Pentagon wouldn't let him visit the wounded soldiers. Consult any media outlet for confirmation.

Frogman, I'm not sure if there is an exact Obama equivalent in Europe, but I can give you an analogy: Consider a "labor leader" from the docks of Marseilles or Genoa, or (God help us) Naples. You know, the sort of guy who can deliver pure Marxist-Leninist cant at the drop of a hat, and shows up at Significant Conferences to defend the Rights of the Workingman in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes. He toils for a modest salary granted by the Union, and the thousand-square-meter cottage with associated vineyard is merely the result of thrift and good management. Shipmasters have safes or strongboxes containing anything up to half a million Euro (in mixed currencies), from which they contribute (entirely voluntarily, of course!) to The Cause. That's Obama. If he's elected, he will genuinely unite the World -- along about this time next year, the entire planet will be on its knees praying for the return of Jimmy Carter.



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