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A comment by Zeusshiloh on Seven years, seven verses

Thank you for a very painful and thoughtful reminder of this day. We all need to see this again; to be played again on our televisions. We, as Americans, have seen a number of fellow citizens use this event for their own political gain. We have seen Americans, who experienced this attack, fail to understand the danger of our enemies. There are those who have failed to realize that those Islamic terrorists are enemies against our civilization, our way of life, our very culture.

Instead of us coming together to fight a very dangerous foe, there are those who by their words encourage and embolden these enemies to attack us again. We tie the hands of our military, we limit the security methods to track and hunt our enemies (even in this country) and we see a politician who believes that these terrorists deserve Constitutional Rights. I tremble for our country, when we have those who do not understand our enemy, but instead are stuck with cliches like, "Bush Lied, People Died."

I do not understand people, who instead of supporting the military, instead bury their heads in the sand and hope all go away. Unfortunately, they fail to realize when in such a position, someone will take advantage of such a posture and do infintely more damage than the initial attack.

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