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A comment by shepsmum on Etiquette

Well, I am a bit stunned...but I'm surrounded by libs where I live (northern Virginia....oh! my beautiful state ended up going over to the blue side....) and at work (in the K-12 education field in Washington, DC) so I get all the liberal "ideas" all of the time. And they aren't nice people. Smug, condescending. But I had hoped we could pull it out. Thanks to McCain and Palin for standing up to what was really an impossible task -- there was too much emotion and build up and cheering from the media for it to have gone any other way.

And thank you, Frogman for your supportive thoughts. But you know how Americans are: we will soldier on. This is a setback, but we love our country and will take it back from the socialists. And I may just invest in a Don't Tread on Me flag.

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