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A comment by bonmotdot on Parliament of Whores

Frogman, wait till you hear the wailing from that Parliament of Whores about their own domestic security. As much as they depend upon us economically while they sneer at us, wait till they want the Cowboys to come riding over the hill to save their butts and no one comes, because The Obama cared too much about our "reputation" in the world. For 28 years they have ranted about the way we enforce good behavior around the globe. Now we have a leader who cares more about their opinion than about their safety. Have fun with that, gentlemen!

The irony will be amusing to observe. I guess the Parliament of Whores doesn't want us to think they really meant anything by all those mean comments.

By the way, PJ O'Rourke is awesome. Read "Give War a Chance."

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