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A comment by The Digital Hairshirt on President-elect Obie on stretching one's executive muscles

Ah, so the stem cell research gets mentioned first? As a pro-lifer, why am I not surprised seeing this from Obama? But then, what can be expected from someone who would allow a baby, burnt horribly from a saline solution abortion but still alive, miraculously, to lie gasping for air unattended in his or her final moments?

So with a demonstrated lack of compassion for the weakest and most vulnerable of our society, imagine what little he has for the rest of us.

And yet, I had a neighbor on our neighborhood's public forum call me a racist for "dampening the mood" of the celebration of Obama's election. At least with the reversal of Bush's executive orders I know what to expect. What I will hold my breath on are those executive orders newly sprung from the Id of Obama - at what point will that same neighbor have the authority to turn me in for thoughtcrime?

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