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A comment by unknown jane on President-elect Obie on stretching one's executive muscles

We don't have a Borg collective -- yet.

Time to start figuring out a concerted way to either a)get this guy out of office; b)neutralize him so he can't do too much damage; c)stop loss on the damage he does. The Creator helps those who help themselves.

Either that or learn how to kiss our butts goodbye and welcome "The Change".

I for one am going hunting in about a week -- might as well enjoy it while I can. I'm getting my last minute planning together (which may include some new firearms from my cousin), plus doing some long range strategerizing as to how best to personally keep my head above water and manage some personal liberties (even if I have to sneak them) during this administration (that means finding clever ways around stupid laws). My husband is already setting himself up in a "community organizer" posiiton; I may follow suit -- resistance and subversion from within.

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