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A comment by Iwo Gina on Hey girls, wanna see my bear repellent?

Here's a caveat: it only works with male pee.

Finally! An answer to the age-old question as to why God made it so that only men could pee whilst standing up!

it only seems to work on bears and has no noticeable effect on other calamities, such as Socialists, bureaucrats and other tax collection agents.

Would it be more effective if it was applied directly to the threat?

I'll risk the bet that your Liberal neighbor might feel less inclined to come at your fence and gloat over President-elect B Hussein Obama once he's witnessed you (or your hubby) taking a leak around the yard in broad daylight.

Or even on those campaign signs still stuck in their front yard... maybe I could train my dog to do that for me. Hey... he's only doing what comes naturally, and liberal greenies are all in favor of nature, aren't they?

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