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A comment by unknown jane on Hey girls, wanna see my bear repellent?

Actually, women can pee while standing up (don't ask how I know this, you see some interesting things on a military base) -- it's just something about the chemical makeup of male urine that repels most predators (this method works on fox, coyote, and wolf too, the big cats not so much). I don't believe one should ever go into wilderness without at least a firearm thingy (the dog is optional but very nice to have), by the by, but I'm admittedly of the "huntin and fishin with Jimbo and Uncle Ted" flyover, hillbilly variety.

I thought socialists, bureaucrats, et al. would be more attracted to horse shit, by the way???

Maybe the human bear repellant might attract the ones who show up to those festivals in San Fran and the New? In which case, you might not want to deploy said bear repellant.

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