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A comment by Bruce on THIS! IS! SPARENESSSSSS!

i am bemused and befuddled by the fact that France - who has one of the most BADASS, KICK ASS military units in the world - in the person of the Legion E’trangre - has some of the most pussified police forces. At least the brits are basically unarmed ... what is the French police’s excuse? I don’t excuse my former brothers in the US, either, by the way. When I was active we didn’t have SWAT teams with military weapons, didn’t have “hostage negotiators” and all that crap ... a 2 man radio car team armed with only .38 special 6 shot revolvers went in and if necessary kicked some ass to correct the situation. Period - end of story. Now? Meh… NOT SO MUCH. 

Geez, Diss ... don’t your countrymen remember the French Resistance during WWII? Won’t they fight to protect their culture anymore?