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Sorry, gonna call bullshit on some of that.  Both my brothers and my dad are/were cops in Albuquerque and the cops there make it a point to go into the bad areas in force just to let the gangs know that Albuquerque PD is the biggest gang in the city.

The pussification of police departments come when the Mayor and the city councils decide that they need the cops to protect only the pretty sections of the city and force them to waste resources hanging around low crime areas to make sure they are low crime.

Another example is traffic stops.  When I was an MP I got most of my good busts from doing traffic, people who had warrants out on them, and even a guy who was trying to move five kilos onto the base.  Many cities actually tell their officers not to do traffic and to focus on other areas, so you miss a lot of opportunites to pick up bad guys becasue you aren’t allowed to pull them over for something like a busted tail light or a license plate that is hanging on by one screw.