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A comment by unknown jane on Mister Moral Authority

Iwo -- I don't know if Anti-Christ is an appropriate tag; megalomaniacal, narcissistic rat bastard was more along the line...but hey, I suppose that could apply to the AC!

And I do think he's a karmic freaking payback for humanity in all its stupid, vapid, spineless sheep-liness (I'm a bitter, jaded person) -- above all else there doesn't seem to be a damn thing that's going to change what's going on at least for a while; let's hope it does, but until then the best thing to do, imho, is survive and don't give in...and have a little laugh at our species' expense (and the rest of the globe for that matter).

Less than 100 days and already some of the sheeple's heads are starting to go pop -- this is pure, wicked, comedy gold!

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