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A comment by Bruce on Mister Moral Authority

I am afraid, dear fellow Patriots (and you as well, French compadre Diss), that our once great nation is doomed to continue down this path. Our illustrious Democrat Socialist/Marxist party has gone about rigging all future elections with nary a peep from our alleged RINO party. The Re-education camps (used to be called schools) is fully in bed with these cretins and churns out generation after generation of left leaning nitwits, with the backing of our "judicial" system who try to defeat home schooling at every opportunity. We can't have kids being educated by right thinking parents, can we? Of course not - there would be no opportunity for leftist indoctrination!

Meanwhile, our elected "representitives are too concerned with getting every dime they can from illegal campaign financing (thanks, Mr. McCain) and low (no?) rate cash from the banking industry that they ignore the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring over our southern boarder, sapping our border states of critical funding for hospitals and services to TAX PAYING CITIZENS, while at the same time trying to take down law enforcement attempts by the Border Patrol and locals like Joe Arpaio. We can't be Raaaa-CIST, right? Then of course we have the Muslim Brotherhood (aka CAIR) pushing their "moderate Islam" agenda to take over this country by applying the same standards as the Mexican government.

People - including our elected representitives - should be required to read Robert Spensers "Stealth Jihad" to get a clue what these Muslim bastards are up to. And if you really want to scare the bejabbers out of yourself - pick up a copy of Ted Bell's "SPY" and ponder on the similarities of what is going down in our border states.

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