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A comment by unknown jane on Let her fly or bring her home

I wonder how long any of us will get to experience an air show -- with real planes like these and not Gaia friendly concept gliders or solar powered ultra lights -- now that CO2 is a "pollutant" and the meme seems to be "let's not remember or even think about the men and machines that are involved in nasty, yucky war stuff 'cause it's baaad"?

Thanks for the pics -- I love some aeronautical "muscle"; Grandpa was a WWI fighter pilot, and Mom had two cousins who were Helldiver drivers; in more modern times the family has switched to helos although we do have the pride of offering up one fighter pilot who went on to test Stealth before the end of his career (however, military aviation is becoming a rare and dying occupation with us); the damn things do bring a tear to my eye when I watch them though. Guessing it won't be long before that's a thing of the past. Kinda sucks.

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