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A comment by Jef on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

TS - Shall I obtain a plane ticket, fly of to these Islamic countries, and kill me as many "A-rabs" as I can, before I get offed?

We have to point out the fact that Iraq was the most forword thinking of Muslim countries.
It was.
Now, its nothing but a US puppet state.

Now, what Jihad do you speak of?
Actual orginizations like the Islamic Jihad, or actions (the Jihad) declared by other orginizations?

Iraq had and has used Chemical weapons, on the Kurds.
We know that.
Its reprehensible.
Who supplied the weapons?
The US, and the Brittish when they were setting Saddam up as a pro-US force in a decisively Anti-Us atmosphere...

I do not think that it is disrepectful to question the actions taken in the name of the dead.

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