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A comment by Deb on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

All I have to say is, next time Froggies, don't come callin' when you need help (I'm guessing that will be soon, like when the massive Arab radical population in your midst decides Sharia laws would be a great idea). As for the gentleman who suggested that we "overreact to everything..." If you think for one second that "The Troubles" are remotely comparable to what happened on 9/11--either in terms of carnage or in terms of the sheer number of people whose hatred for the West (not JUST the US as you believe) was represented by those attacks (and thus the sheer magnitude of the long-term danger to all of the freedom loving NON-Muslim people on the planet), then you are simply delusional. What happened in Ireland had almost ZERO impact on what goes on in Paris. What happened in NY, PA and D.C. has a very significant impact on the entire Western World. I'm sorry to be so harsh and blunt, and do not mean to belittle the deaths of Irish or British on either side of the troubles, but the two are not comparable because they are not motivated by the same types of things AT ALL. A basic course in geo-politics and religion could have taught you that!

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