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A comment by unknown jane on Quote of the day: Breitbart

People can never afford to play "by the rules" when dealing with a fascist, lawless entity; unfortunately, too many do (seem to think there are "rules" and thus follow them). They also go at life with a "it couldn't happen here or to me". Yes it can; it will even.

I'm afraid that Americans are going to be schooled in these bitter lessons, are being schooled in them even as I type this. I think the people of Europe have almost completed their education and are about to recieve their "diplomas". I used to have hope that the sensible ones could at the very direst pinch run away to here, but that is no longer the case. The heartland of America is just as vulnerable and weak as any other part of the country -- California or Massachusetts. There is no place to go, no place to turn to. Maybe it is as it should be -- no safe place, no more options, and no more real time left to forestall things.

My bet: it's going to suck; times when you have to roll the hard six usually do.

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