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A comment by unknown jane on Ralph The Disregarded

Well...some of my fellow countrymen and women have taken the lesson of what is now Europe to heart (and while they may not be totally conversant with Ralph's works have some organic knowledge of many of his ideas) and want nothing of it, but some (a vocal 1/3 I'd say) sadly have not -- or refuse to see the actual facts on the ground because their tinsel strewn fantasy is so much more appealing to them. Another thrid will go along with whatever gets them along because they are lazy and don't want to fend for themselves.

Huey Long was right -- these silly buggers, having had such easy lives, with a fair amount of personal liberty to boot, will voluntarily sign up for not a socialist state, but a completely fascist one simply because they have no clue as to what living in one could possibly be like.

Hopefully (!) there are still enough people with some common sense who can change (!) the course we're on and keep things from going to hell in a handbasket. in the meantime I'm quite literally cultivating my own garden, planning for the fall hunt, and keeping my tools and implements of getting by well kept -- I don't plan to end up in a completely wretched state thanks to a bunch of numbskulls, and highly suggest that as the best course of action for the rest of my fellows, peers, associates, and assorted friends.

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