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#178: Sorry to see that, despite the fact that you found by yourself on an external site a picture that's exactly the SAME AS MINE with an empty pole in the middle... You stick by your claim that I edited my picture... To do what? Remove what wasn't there? As far as the poles are concerned, what I did imply is that a flag is missing. Read the original post again, see the comment that's right under each picture, check back among the comments (granted, that would be a bit difficult) my repeated precisions on what this museum is, what it's not and what I meant with this post. Although the missing one is indeed obvious when it comes to the pedestals and the pin's, all I ever wrote, claimed, shown is that there are three troubling coincidences I noticed at the Museum. Period. You don't seem to understand how you guys are getting fast on this, without even taking the time to accurately read and figure out what I'm writing (and I don't mean "you" qwe alone of course). I just went to post a comment on a weblog that linked to this post stating that I had found that "all American flags were removed from the Museum"... Before you start typing, most people here should take a moment to pause and think. That's the idea behind the old WWII poster that shows when you move your mouse over the little soldier just next the "preview" button. That's for all the people around: when it comes to my posts, I'm very careful with what I write and how I write it. Mostly because I know that I'm not a native English writer and that I must take extra care to express my argument accurately. The corollary is that I expect my readers to read carefully what I write. So don't make me say what I didn't say...

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