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A comment by unknown jane on Hurrah for Comrade Obama

Ah, the Europeans (well, a majority; there is a sensible minority who have to put up with them as Americans must cope with their "liberal" fascists)...still bitterly clinging to dreams of empire after all these years.

You would have thought after 1917, 1945 at the very least, they would have woke up and smelled the coffee, and weaned themselves of such nonsense -- but they have not. I only hope America learns from their mistakes -- which sadly, some in my country have not.

I still have hope that America and Americans will weather this -- we may no longer be a "super" power on the other side of this, but hopefully we will still be a strong country, and perhaps that's a good thing for us -- plus the wicked glee at watching the Europeans and assorted hangers on wake up one day and realize nobody is coming to their rescue economically (our banking system is so tied to Europe's if we go down the tubes, they'll take a first class beating -- and we can at least manage to feed ourselves to some degree; and there goes a rather nice market for their high end exports -- heh, heh, with China frakkers) or militarily (aka. providing a stablizing force in the region, heheheh, deal with Russia frakkers) is tempting.

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