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A comment by unknown jane on Flower Thrower

I too am a "tweener" -- being a child of some Greatest Generation parents' old age. My husband is the child of a fascist country and knows the true meaning of freedom (because of living family memory of not being free).

Freaking hippie boomers make me physically ill anymore (and not just from patchouli reek). Here's a money quote, paraentheses mine: "40 years ago on Yasgur's farm...we celebrated our love for one another and the world and our struggle to gain freedom (wtf mofo, you were in chains prior to this???) little knowing that our struggle would take us 40 years....but now we have Obama (without comment)...we won (oh sweet Jesus!!) took us 40 years...who knew that it would take so long, but we're finally there" (uh, yeah, we have a apparatchik snitch site -- I feel so freaking free!) At this point he started quoting Rocky Mountain High and talking about some sort of self-identity workshops he had gone to -- I thanked the Lord that this was an internet posting and not an actual conversation, as I might have been goaded into doing violence (like shoving his chai down his throat or something).

Of course I had to make a disparaging remark about patchouli reeking hippies, lol!

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