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A comment by DaToad on Flower Thrower

I'm a Boomer and could have gone to Woodstock and, in retrospect, probably should have. I got home from my "year long, all expenses paid South East Asian vacation" on July 23, 1969. You all may not believe this, and as amazing as it may seem, I just didn't see the flower children as my kind of crowd. If I had only realized then how that week in the mud could have changed my life.
Instead, here I am at 62, part of an angry mob, living on my Cul-de-Sac of Whitedom, bitterly clinging to my guns and bible.

unknown jane said: "as I might have been goaded into doing violence"

Although I haven't kicked any hippie ass since about 1973, I agree, jane, it's looking mighty tempting...

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