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A comment by unknown jane on Flower Thrower

That's it right there -- the stunningly self-satisfied hypocrisy and phoney righteousness. I could add the total lack of thought and stultifying ignorance while perceiving oneself as an intellectual due to higher "education" (read: living off Mom and Dad for as long as possible in order to stay the eternal kiddie, er student) is mighty annoying as well.

We should have declared war on them; we really should have.

[as an English major, and member of that most benighted of college departments -- a person who believes in the inherent need for and goodness of reading books and thinking/writing about them -- I find myself like the proverbial man without a country; these freaking hippies long ago destroyed my profession and are now in the process of destroying everything else...I can't stand the frakkers (plus the drippy riff into "Rocky Mountain High" just pushed my ludicrously asinine and idiotic button; that much stupidity should be painful for anyone engaging in it). Wanna know why Western civ is losing? There's yer sign!]

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