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A comment by Valerie, Texas on No submission

It is raining here in Texas. The day after 9-11.

In a few hours this family will join other like minded Americans and rally in Ft. Worth. We will gather, in part, to remember those killed by cowardly evil 8 years ago. We will also gather to battle against a government intent on growing and sustaining only itself, defying the laws and precepts of our founding documents. We say "Never forget." and then let our government continue to trample on our rights? How does that honor the fallen? The brave ones of Flight 93? Be silent no longer. Stand with your neighbors and friends. Do not be held fast by grief, be galvanized by your anger and put it to productive ends.

Call, write, march. No rest, no slacking off.

The current administration referred to yesterday as "a day of service". Service? To whom? Not a day of mourning or rembrance, as if we are all supposed to have "gotten past it".

Well, I haven't. And I never will.

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