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A comment by unknown jane on A Swiss Citizen Service Announcement

This wailing and gnashing of teeth over the unfairness and bigotry of it all is ridiculous. Religious freedom? There isn't a place I can think of where that is the case -- there are more tolerant societies than others, true, but most draw the line with how far a person can practice freedom of religion when said practice infringes upon the rights of others to do the same and/or endangers the safety of others, or endangers the laws of the land (that's the reason why Santeria practioners will run the risk of a crack down for animal sacrifice and why pagans can't "get back to their roots" with snuffing out a few of their fellow humans on certain dates of the calendar). If Islam ever decides to rein in their fire and brimstone breathers and fix this nasty little problem of extreme intolerance (there are some other issues, but that would be a good place to start imho), then Muslims might find people more accepting of their presence -- as it stands, not only has this not happened, the hounds have been let loose to do as much intimidating as possible, while they hide behind the victim role while seeking every advantage to play the system. Is it any wonder that people start to sicken of this?

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