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A comment by CaptnMorgan on Obama's culturally insensitive U.S. Government strikes again


Here's Ellison's grave and his family...

Two hundred years ago, everybody had slaves...historically they where treated

the best in America...the worst, in Tenochtitlan(Mexico City)...they ATE THEM!!!

At the rate of 500,000 a year! Same in Africa, the one the ay-rabs did not buy to sell off to slave ships or

to transport to the umma where butchered alive on the spot and sold to the public to eat for supper...

The Romans and the ay-rabs enslaved millions...and their fate was not much better

than the Mexican's...most where worked to death without even being fed.

Christian rowing slaves in muslim galleys where sitting in their

own feces to the armpits and where tossed overboard at the slightest pretext.

They where so numerous as to be worth less than an onion, according to the chronikers.

Christianity is the only religion to oppose slavery and eventually had it abolished.

Pensez y bien la prochaine fois que vous mangerez du curé!

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