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A comment by Bruce on Moonbat out of Hell

Damn, Diss - where have you been, brother! So glad to see you back!

But hey, how DARE you diss our faaaab-u-lus "first lady" Mochelle?

I jest of course. Mochelle without her makeup looks almost as ugly as Oprah before quarts of makeup are slathered on her face. I mean seriously ugly. Profoundly ugly. Yes - Mochelle isn't just ugly outside (except to leftist morons and assorted poofters) - she's as ugly inside. This is a woman who has never before been proud of the greatest country on the face of the Earth - the country that gave her and her empty suit husband free college educations, a totally undeserved and misbegotten stint in Congress, and, God help us ... the presidency of the country they both genuinely despise. But we will fix that error come November of 2011, I guarantee.

Peace be with you!

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