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A comment by bpb on President Porcinet and the Birth of French Tragedy


Thanks for the on the ground report. It's appreciated~ A co-worker came in the office today at 4am, we worked over night. He asked if I had seen the news about France and Greece. We talked about it & shook our heads. Here in NY I too have to show my drivers license and sign in to vote, naturally we're registered to a party first. The French flag it's that same colors as ours here. I see by your photos people like to fly a flag of a different color. They do the same thing here in the states.

I work with a polish guy who immigrated here in the 1970's. He has mentioned many times, he never thought he'd see the United States turn the way it has. I told him, well their is no more money left in fighting a cold war.

Regards BPB

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