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A comment by mbrewer2045 on President Porcinet and the Birth of French Tragedy


Glad to you see you back on the Web! I find it fascinating that Europeans do not seem to grasp that the funds for their glorious society must come from somewhere. Where do they think money comes from, anyways? I especially like the 75 percent tax rate coming for the "rich" French citizens. How many people with that kind of money are just going to wait around and let the French Government take it? When all of the rich leave, where are these "geniuses" going to get more money to fund their debacle? Have the idiots at the toop (or at the bottom) thought this through? I suspect that the lower income folks who stand to receive this largesse don't really care where it comes from, but they should. For when the spring runs dry, they all will die of thirst!

Keep posting Frogman! It's always a treat reading this blog.

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