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A comment by DGB on President Porcinet and the Birth of French Tragedy

DF, Alas, Flamby's win confirms the suspicion that in politics all things are possible. Many of us stateside are affeared that an incumbent who engineered economic disaster, promoted (and signed into law) junk landmark legislation, blames everyone and everything but himself for his own handiwork, is self-absorbed to the point he forgets his wife in tow, is politically cynical and calculating, has no discernible moral core, has no higher goal than re-election, is incapable and misinformed -- when not outright ignorant -- about the powers and limits of his office, is divisive and petty -- many of us are affeared that such a man might possibly get himself re-elected. How could such an astonishing thing be possible? [Pause for dreary effect.] Because Mr. Obama is running on "vision". "Vision", as you know, is what you hear before you vote and what you see after the election. How could Flamby be elected over the political corpses of the Parti Socialiste and his ex-domestic partner? All things apparently are possible. DGB

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